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Selected To Rising Stars: 2012
[GRAPHIC: Super Lawyers, John Musca Esq. rated by Super Lawyers, Attorney John Musca describes his law firm’s approach to handling criminal defense cases.]

John Musca: The most important ingredient in becoming successful on a criminal defense matter is what I refer to as the three Ps: passion, persuasiveness and persistence. It’s the passion with which I approach the work on behalf of each and every one of my clients. It’s also the persuasiveness with which we structure a strategy and a method and implement that method on each case. And it’s the persistence with which we carry that out and pushing the envelope and doing everything that we possibly can to achieve a favorable outcome on each case.

We’ve assembled a body of case results and testimonials over the years and so many clients have said to me the reason why we hired your firm, the reason why we retained you, is because we saw what you were capable of doing for other clients in the past. That’s trust, that’s confidence, and that’s what makes a Super Lawyer great.

My clients are my life, and there’s nothing more exciting than to take on their cause when they have their backs against the wall and where they feel all hope is lost and achieve a favorable outcome on their case. To me, that’s what it’s all about. That’s what I refer to as the grand slam, that’s why I go to work every day, and that’s what excites me and moves me forward every single day that I represent clients on these matters.

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