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[MUSIC PLAYING] ATTORNEY: When a person goes into the hospital, there are certain procedures and things that always have some element of risks. But there's one risk of surgery that a patient should never face and never experience. And that is coming out of that surgery with a brain injury.

Brain injuries happen when a patient is deprived of oxygen. And no patient during surgery should ever be deprived of oxygen in any way. The professional, the doctor who's in charge of that is the anesthesiologist. Essentially, his sole responsibility in the operating room is to make sure you as the patient are breathing normally and that your blood pressure's normal and that your body is oxygenating the way it's supposed to.

And therefore, if a patient comes out of a procedure and they do have a brain injury, you could almost be 100% positive it was because the anesthesiologist or someone on his team made a mistake and was negligent.


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