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[GRAPHIC: Andrea Ciobanu, Ciobanu Law, PC, talks about what should I do if I think my civil rights have been violated in Indiana,]

Andrea Ciobanu: It’s very important to contact an attorney right away to assess the claim to see if there has been an actual violation of civil rights; how strong it is and if they're able to pursue it. And then they must also pursue a Tort Claim Notice if necessary. And then there are different levels of what that discrimination is so a trained attorney will know if a Tort Claim Notice is necessary.

And sometimes there’s a shorter window even than that two years that a Complaint is required. And there’s different entities depending on the alleged civil rights violation that must be filed and must be served with that Complaint. And if you miss those entities you could potentially lose out in your opportunity to pursue a civil rights action which, when you're talking about civil rights, you usually have to exhaust your administrative remedies first before you get into either State Court or Federal Court. So it’s very important that you go to an attorney immediately if you believe your civil rights have been violated.

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