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[MUSIC PLAYING] ANDREW JEZIC: I think one of the important things to look for when you hire a criminal defense attorney is how many jury trials your attorney has had. I've had about 100 jury trials. I had about 40 as a prosecutor, when I was a prosecutor in two jurisdictions for eight years in Anne Arundel County and Montgomery County.

Number Two, I've written a treatise on criminal procedure in Maryland called the Maryland Law of Confessions. It's published by the leading legal publishing company in the United States-- Thompson West. It's in the twelfth edition.

I'm a member of the American College of Trial Lawyers. I'm also a member of the Trial Court's Nominating Commission in Montgomery County. I'm also a member of the Jury Instruction Pattern Committee for the Maryland State Bar.

So I think with all these experiences-- the jury trial, the book, all the organizations that I'm a part of-- it gives me an ability to draw from a broad array of experiences to fashion a defense for a client that was, number one, aggressive, number two, well-prepared, and number three, fashioned around the client's goals. And the bottom line is we focus and work tremendously hard to get the best result for the client in every single case.


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