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Located in Bloomington, MNVillaume & Schiek, P.A.

BLN Office Park, Suite 611, 2051 Killebrew Drive
Bloomington, MN
Phone: 952-851-9500
Fax: 952-851-9510

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Philip G. Villaume: I think the skills that are most outstanding for me as a person is my thoroughness and organizational skills. The best advice I can give to a young lawyer is to make sure you practice in the areas that you have a strong feeling about; where you can show a great deal of compassion for the individuals that you're serving, and that you find enjoyment in the legal work that you do.

I became a lawyer because I grew up in a family of lawyers, and I’ve always wanted to do public service. I think the thing I like best about coming to work every day is that I make a difference in people’s lives. There’s something new I learn every day and I’m able to help those less fortunate and struggling in their lives and able to provide a good service.

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