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ATTORNEY: Based on my experience-- given that I've had many litigation cases and many collaborative cases-- I truly believe that it's much better for the family if the couple can get to a point, and sit down and collaborate versus duking it out in a litigation process. Often times, I have found that there's a much more cost to build a litigation case. Whether it's emotional costs, spiritual costs, financial costs, mental costs. Those costs tend to be a bit much higher in a litigation case.

In a collaborative case, we are able to surround the couple with a team that is there to help them through the process. Whether it is financial neutral, a coach who helps the couple with their communication style or a child specialist who is there just for the children. I often tell my clients that it can be a little bit more difficult for them because it makes them do some of the hard work. But in the end, I truly believe if they do do the hard work, they will come out better on the other side.

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