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Phillip Kuri: The types of cases that I handle in Ohio involve medical malpractice cases, also nursing home cases included in those. I handle products liability, trucking litigation and transportation cases, the vast majority of those cases involving catastrophic injuries. My background is in civil litigation throughout my almost 20 year career. I've represented insurance companies, hospitals and corporate type defendants for a number of years previously. That's given me a broad based knowledge in how to properly represent my plaintiff clients now.

I believe that the most important ingredient in being successful is being able to identify the important and relevant issues in the case early on, when it first comes in, and then develop a plan based upon those relevant issues throughout, which will create a more effective, cohesive attempt to resolve or go all the way through trial with these cases.

The most rewarding part of my career is seeing the smile on my client's face as soon as a case is resolved and they know that their life's going to be better going forward.

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