How much is my car accident case worth in Pennsylvania?

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Douglas J. Olcott: The value of your car accident depends on a number of things. So, the fact that your aunt, your uncle, your friend received X number of dollars for their accident doesn't mean that your case is worth the same. Everybody's injuries are unique to them. If you injure your arm or your shoulder, it may prevent you from going to work. If you're somebody like myself who's an attorney, even if I injured my arm, I would be able to go, sit at my desk, go to court, do the things I need to do as a lawyer. So, even though we may have the same physical injury, how it affects us is going to be different. And that's why you can't sit there and just say, "Well, you injured this part of your body, therefore your case is worth X." It's the lawyer's obligation and duty to find out how have your injuries affected you personally and to make sure that the insurance company understands how you have been affected by your injuries.

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