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Michael Rosenzweig: Oftentimes when people are badly hurt they have all these different things that race through their head that they think should be done and can be done. And if they don’t get resolution, then throughout their entire life they wonder “Could I have brought a claim against this person? Could I have pursued this? Could I have done this?” and it haunts people.

Our job is to address every one of those “could’ve” and “should’ve,” take them down their logical paths, and get the clients and ourselves to be convinced that there was nothing more that can be done. I want my clients to know that everything that could be done for them our firm did for them. I don’t want them to second-guess throughout their life that “had I only hired a different law firm, had I only hired a better lawyer.” When you come to our firm, you’ve hired the right law firm, you’ve hired the right lawyer.

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