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[GRAPHIC: Ask Super Lawyers. How do I get Social Security Disability and SSI? Attorney Mitchell Dugan responds.]

Mitchell Dugan: When somebody is injured or disabled and they're unable to perform any substantial gainful activity for 12 months or longer, taking into account their age, education, past work experience, and severe impairments, they may be eligible for one or the other, or both. They have the same medical requirements. The way the system works is an individual would file an initial application. They can do it online, or we can do that for them, or assist them in that process. If you're denied Social Security Disability benefits or SSI on an initial application, you must file an appeal within 60 days to protect your rights. You need to contact an attorney immediately. We will file the appeal and request the hearing. We are getting your medical records. We're contacting your doctors. We submit those to the Social Security Administration. That's what we do. People contact us to do that, and then take it to court for them.

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